About Me

My name is Elizabeth Potts and I love art, but I love the process of creating it, even more!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I hope you enjoy what I've created!

 In my younger years, I studied tech arts and photography. My first degree was in Fine Arts. Later on, I became an 

Occupational Therapist. Though I took quite a long break from doing art, I've been working to make up for lost time. My online gallery is just a small picture of what I've been busy creating. 

My passion is finding odd objects or other materials and incorporating them into something inspiring or whimsical. Can you tell that I've used coffee grounds in some paintings? Or an old sprinkler in an assemblage art piece? I see something different in odd objects I find and I often get quite a laugh from the characters I end up "releasing" from the process. 

I am ever-curious and find great joy in helping others find their passion for the arts! 

I hope you enjoy what I've created. If you're interested in where my art is currently being shown, please visit my "Now Showing" page.



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The Edge Gallery (Lakewood, CO)

Four Friends Restaurant (DU location)

Coming soon...


40 West Arts District in Lakewood, CO

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